The source information I use is all publicly available, and remains the property of the relevant owners.

My analysis and presentation of this information is my own work (except of course where another is credited). Any resemblance to the work of others before me is likely due to the probability that anyone who has investigated the facts as thoroughly will come to the same conclusions as I have.

Each person must satisfy themselves as to the correctness of any data used or presented. Where possible I provide links to the source data to enable people to check for themselves. Where possible I trace back to the original or earliest available source to ensure the most accurate information and context.

I have endeavored to credit each source by name and/or link – if I have omitted to do so please contact me and I will correct it ASAP.

I am not looking to profit from this in any way – my concern is that white tigers should get a fair deal, and be assessed on ALL the facts, not just partial truths and misinformation.


The site is in 2 main parts:

The FACTS tab consists of the background facts with links to scientific studies, articles, historic references etc. Many of the articles in the Archives are based on information found here. A comprehensive list of white tigers in the wild is available to download from Scribd.

The ARCHIVES includes articles both on general topics and explorations of specific items in detail.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time, and the effort, to compile the information and disseminate in a manner so easy to understand. I have often wished for such an online resource as so many of the books and periodicals are out of date.


  2. Hi, I am a former Chief Wildlife Warden of the state of Madhya Pradesh and have been pushing my state to return the white tiger back to the wild, to the place from where Mohan was captured. Thanks a ton for putting together all the information on the great white. This will strengthen our case immensely. As a part of my wish to see the white back in the wild, I am helping a friend in making an in-house documentary to generate public opinion in its favour. Yours is the first site I have seen which is talking in favour of the white tigers; all others want them to go extinct. We would love to have a short statement from you, on video, that can go into the film. I will deeply appreciate if we could connect over e-mail in this regard. Best Wishes,


    • Hi Dr Pabla, it would be great to see white tigers back in the wild again! I am glad my work is of use to you, and there are many other websites and people also in favour of white tigers. I have sent you an email.


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